Chasia (Chay-suh) was born and raised in Compton, California and has been in the fashion industry since 1990.

Chasia remembers watching her grandmother, Athen, make clothes since the age of five, not realizing at the time she was a well respected seamstress. Hand picked by Edith Head to be her seamstress and presser. The gift of costuming was inherited from her grandmother, and has remained a lifelong passion for Chasia. Not surprisingly, Chasia's grandmother is her inspiration. Chasia feels her presence and guidance with every project. The greatest starting point in styling for Chasia began in 1990 with a move to New York City.

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She started working at the front desk of Charivari in Manhattan, a highly popular store for those renowned in the fashion world.

With the established plan of transitioning from stylist to costume designer, Chasia began working as a stylist for music videos. Whitney Houston, Harry Connick Jr., Mariah Carey, (reconstructing her wedding dress for the “We belong Together” video) and Missy Elliot (“The Rain Super Dupa Fly” video. Missy wore a balloon costume that Chasia was brought on to specially figure out how it was going to work.) Later she went on to tour with Missy for 4 years. She also worked with Jay Z, at a time when his music videos had a movie feel. She treated each music video as though it was a short film and eventually was specifically hired as a stylist for music video's that implemented a strong film look.

Piecing styles together is a gradual and well thought out process for Chasia. Working through the script first is paramount. She breaks down the characters and their actions and studies the actors who will become these characters. Chasia takes pride in making the actor feel comfortable within the director’s vision. Finally, she gets technical with coordinating costume with time period, place and set design.

The most significant amount of joy that comes from being a costume designer is the combination of imagination and sharing. While working on costuming ideas, Chasia is able to stretch her imagination and heighten her creativity. Mentally traveling to different times and places, Chasia visualizes the costumes on her characters. Once put in motion, the viewer has the opportunity to see Chasia's vision; the subtle, the abstract, the unique and the profound.

One actor, who Chasia found to be one of her best teachers as well, was Jamie Foxx. Jamie worked with her on 2 projects before he said, “do what you want, you got this”. He trusted her vision, he never had to question her about the project again, they were always on the same page.

Showing a striking range of diversity, Chasia's favorite costumes are from "Nitetales”, a vampire-­‐based program, which showcases some of her best work. Alternatively, she is equally proud of her work on the movie "Proud" starring the late Ossie Davis, a World War II period piece.

Chasia wants to continue to grow as a Costume Designer and would like to dedicate time to inspire children to live out their dreams to the fullest.

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